The Koa Accel Process

The Problem

Exceptional medtech ideas and innovative medical device startups are common.  Yet, more than 90% fail to return on the capital invested.  Two-thirds of these failures can be attributed to problems with business execution or the dynamics among the founders and management team – or both.  Many accredited investors thus avoid medical device startups altogether or diversify smaller investments across many companies.

Moreover, medical device development is extraordinarily complex and there are many challenges to successful business execution across multiple functions.  Maximizing the likelihood of success usually requires access to a large team of business functional experts  –  something most early stage startups lack the human, social, and financial capital to do.

We believe medical devices can be life-saving for patients
and a catalyst for good within our healthcare system.


In order to carry out this vision and mission, the Koa Accel process significantly accelerates medical device development timelines while limiting investor dilution.  Koa does this by rapidly deploying a team of highly qualified experts in all aspects of medical device development and by effectively building each company from the ground up through expedited and strategic business execution.

Find the Right Fit

  • Early stage medical device ideas are solicited from universities, hospitals and industry experts through a highly competitive application process.
  • The proprietary Koa Accel Scorecard™ helps to identify the most promising medical device early startups, based on a number of scientific and business criteria designed to determine the best commercial fit.

Expedited & Strategic Business Execution

  • Business execution is initiated by Koa Accel investing initial funds into each startup with the goal of driving the company up to the Series A round of funding within the first 2 years
  • Strategic and operating plans are developed and rapidly executed in 12-18 months around key milestones with meaningful value inflection points, such as manufacturing readiness and 510(k) submission
  • Each startup is assigned an experienced Project Manager who assembles a customized team of Koa Accel experts in the key medical device disciplines necessary to ensure each startup’s success. This team works hand-in-hand with the inventor/founder to move the company forward.
  • In each functional area, key business risks are identified, and a mitigation plan is developed
  • Koa’s team represents the following disciplines:
    • Tech Transfer / Legal – IP
    • Upstream Marketing
    • Medical & Scientific Affairs
    • Regulatory
    • Clinical
    • Health Economics & Reimbursement
    • Research
    • Product Development
    • Quality
    • Operations – Manufacturing
    • Downstream Marketing & Commercialization
    • Law – Corporate

Embed Seasoned Management & Deploy Team of Experts

  • Using a stage-gate process, each early stage startup ultimately receives a “go” or “no-go” decision.
  • With a “go” decision, Koa Accel recruits the most qualified executives in key roles, such as the Chief Executive Officer or the Chief Medical Officer, from its network of experts to build the company from the ground up and drive it to success.
  • With key business and management risks mitigated, capital is raised among Koa Accel’s investor network and the portfolio startup  is spun-out as an independent company.