The Koa Accel Portfolio

Makani Science is the inventor of the patented Makani Respiration Monitor™ – a device designed to accurately monitor an adult patient’s real-time breathing during procedures involving conscious sedation. The technology is contained in a wearable patch sensor that continuously monitors a patient’s respiratory rate and depth with an accurate and actionable ‘early warning system’ monitored on a wireless mobile platform, such as a smart phone, tablet, or other portable computer. It is designed to enable healthcare professionals to immediately detect and manage respiratory events with no lag time.

Microdermics is a medical device company that is unlocking the potential of skin with an intradermal platform based on novel hollow microneedle technology. It is designed to provide precise and easy access to the skin for breakthrough applications in the biosensing of multiple analytes, as well as drug delivery. Microdermics’ platform aims to revolutionize sensing and drug delivery using our minimally invasive patented technology by providing precise and easy access to the skin.

Kahala Biosciences empowers employers to bring their employees safely back to the workplace by providing an end-to-end Covid-19 solution that facilitates rapid diagnostic testing for all employees, as well as those at high risk of contracting or transmitting the virus (i.e. health care workers). This solution is in the form of the visionary ADIONA™ platform – the first US solution which marries Covid-19 antibody testing with blockchain technology.

Kino Discovery is a newly formed medical device company expediting single-cell analysis through an exciting microfluidic platform. This patented platform enables rapid and single cell isolation greatly enhancing pharmaceutical and biotech drug discovery.