Do you have a medical device patent or an innovative medical device idea?  Please see below for our 6 areas of eligibility criteria.  If your patent or idea meets all 6 criteria, please complete the application form below.

Does the technology involve a medical device and/or digital health application?

Is it intended for conditions that involve the cardiovascular, respiratory, or
musculoskeletal system, or intended to be used in anesthesiology, orthopedic
surgery, cardiovascular surgery, or diagnostic testing?

Has a patent issued on the technology? If not, has a non-provisional or provisional patent application been filed and is that patent application pending with the USPTO?

Are the research objectives* achievable within 6 months and are funds available to accomplish these objectives?

Are the inventor(s) and/or licensor willing to accept between 10% and 20% equity
in the potential company?

Does the inventor and/or licensor agree to commit to at least one day per week to support the project?

*Research objectives describe those features (e.g., working prototype) and benefits (e.g., proof-of-concept) required before a “science project” is considered a high potential “commercial product”.