A Revolutionary Medical Device Accelerator

Medical devices can be a life-saving catalyst for good.  Just as the Koa tree is an ancient symbol of wisdom and strength, Koa Accel is the embodiment of an accelerator that infuses its business model with incredible wisdom, strength and speed.

Over 90% of medical device startups fail. Koa Accel aims to disrupt this failure rate and to turn life-saving medtech ideas into vibrant commercial ventures.

Koa Accel does this by rapidly deploying a team of highly qualified experts in all aspects of medical device development and by effectively building each company from the ground up through expedited and strategic business execution.


Do you have a medical device patent or an innovative idea that addresses a large unmet need but don’t have the time, money or know-how to move it forward?


The Koa Accel team is not simply made up of advisors or mentors.  Koa Accel team members are your company’s customized ‘warriors’, much like a special operations team that is assembled to meet and rapidly execute the operational needs of your company. 

With deep knowledge and experience in all aspects of medical device development, our team works closely with each founder to turn your life-saving idea into a vibrant company – saving you time and money along the way.


Over 90% of medical device startups fail due to a lack of business execution and the complexities of medical device development – not due to a lack of innovative ideas or poor technology.  The dismal failure rates are compounded by the long payback period (a median of 8 years) and prohibitive costs (typically $4-6 million in costs for a medical device startup to get FDA clearance).

By leveraging an expansive and formidable network of experienced business functional experts, Koa is able to accelerate and compress medical device development timelines by 60% and lower costs by 75%  –  all while limiting investor dilution.