Dr. I-Chien (IC) Jan is a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley since January 2020. Hosted by the Dept. Bioengineering, he is doing research on Venture Business of Digital Healthcare and MedTech Startups in the US. He is also invited to join the University Accelerator of Berkeley, SkyDeck, as a SkyMentor to help mentor founders in the biomedical and health tech fields.

    Before visiting UC Berkeley, Dr. Jan was the assistant CEO of BioHub Taiwan since Jan. 2018 to strengthen the biomedical startup ecosystem in Taiwan. Concentrated on fields of translational medicine and digital healthcare, Dr. Jan aspires to aid startups in “Get Local and Go Global”. He represents the government to join many international conferences including BIO, BioJapan, and RESI JP Morgan Healthcare. He also conducted the first “Biomedical Startup Challenge” partnering with AstraZeneca Global Innovation Program in Taiwan.

    Dr. Jan has also been selected as the Startup Ecosystem Ambassador 2019 for Startup Genome, a world-renowned startup research organization, to connect with startup leaders, community builders, and key startup support organizations and programs (SSOPs) in Taiwan.